Lawax capsules are highly beneficial natural premature ejaculation pills that provide a male control over his discharge during arousals and make him last longer in bed.

Millions of males suffer from the problem of early discharge, some discharge immediately after penetration and some earlier before satisfying the female partner.

Women are blessed with the ability to gain multiple orgasms in one session so they appreciate a longer duration of lovemaking. Males who are able to prolong their stay in bed are desirable lovers.

Lawax natural male sexual stamina pills provide a man able to make love as long as he wishes to without tiring and with intensity.

Herbal Premature Ejaculation Pills

Lawax capsules address all the possible causes and provide long-lasting holistic treatment to the problem. These improve nerve functions to heighten male’s sensation and control over-discharge and also improve the intensity of arousals.

These rejuvenate the male reproductive system, increase testosterone levels and promote higher energy in the body. These maintain a healthy flow of energy towards the male reproductive system during arousals to increase male’s staying power and provide holistic herbal treatment for premature ejaculation.

These natural premature ejaculation pills work for males of all ages and also improve male’s emotional status. Emotionally weak males get aroused easily during the day and are unable to control their excitement in bed to discharge quickly.

Lawax herbal premature ejaculation pills balance hormone level, improve male’s mental health and provide healthy emotional status to control excitement and prevent early discharge.

Key Features

  • Resolve the problem of PE and stop all sorts of involuntary sperm discharge. Improve the male’s potency and libido and also enhance his intensity in bed. These heighten male’s pleasure during lovemaking by providing higher sensation.
  • Improve physical energy and maintain a male’s stamina and strength. These pills increase energy support to all the systems of the body and provide a healthy reproductive and nervous system.
  • Balance hormonal secretion and enhance male’s mental health. These fight back stress and treat issues like fatigue and tiredness in males. These keep a male focussed and help him in staying away from unnecessary stimulations during the day.

Ingredients of Lawax Capsules

Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Semul Musli, Kaunch, Safed Behmen, Akarkara, Sidhha Makardhwaj, Vidarikand

Direction of Use

These supplements have been designed in the way that these remain simple and convenient to use.

Consume one or two pills every day after breakfast and dinner with water and stay away from harmful foods and habits. Lead an active and healthy lifestyle.


Ayurved Research Foundation


Plastic Sealed Bottle Pack, two bottles of 30 capsules


60 capsules

5 reviews for Natural Premature Ejaculation Pills

  1. christina

    Worked really well for my hubby, definitely will be getting some more of Lawax capsules soon. Well worth the money, as for some others we looked were three times more expensive just for 3 capsules.

  2. Jeramey

    Very good, could not be any happier with the results… got my mojo back! Both parties thrilled!

  3. John Cottam

    Great! Lawax capsule worked really quickly within an hour. I had a great evening.

  4. Khayone

    I was confused that whether I am suffering with poor potency or early discharge. I was taking too long to gain stiffness in bed and was finishing too early. My wife would just turn her face withoutsaying a word after the act which would kill me from inside. Whatever my problem was after using this supplement it started fading in couple of weeks. After couple of months it was history and new era of passion and romance in our relationship has unfolded.

  5. Riley

    We have always found ways to make our night life interesting and sensational. So my wife suggested using this supplement. Oh Boy this made our nights as hot as pan. I now simply go on and on and my wife never asks me to stop. We finish when we are not left with a fibre of energy in our bodies. Oh man I never thought that pleasure can be enhanced to such a level. We feel like newlywed couple hungry for passion and love.

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