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Masti Capsules and King Cobra Oil

Males and females both relish and enjoy longer duration of passionate lovemaking. But for this males need to have control over their ejaculation. Unfortunately many males suffer with problem of early discharge or have no control over their ejaculation. This brings love act to an early stop and causes disappointment. Masti capsules are powerful natural last longer pills for men to increase duration of male in bed.

Masti capsules are natural sexual stamina booster pills for men as these possess herbs which repair damaged nerves and keep them active by supplying regular energy. Nerves of male genital region are responsible for causing sensation and arousals and also for keeping semen locked. Active, healthy and strong nerves promoted by these herbal pills to increase sex duration allow male to discharge at his own will, and gain back to back multiple erections.

Herbal Last Longer Pills for Men

Masti natural last longer pills for men also possess nutritive and energizing herbs which enhance energy and stamina so that male can keep his reproductive system active and healthy. Higher physical energy maintains organs strong and responsive and allow male to perform for longer duration without tiring.

Use of King Cobra oil along with Masti pills to last longer in bed provides numerous other benefits like quick and fast strong erections, higher ejaculatory force, increased semen volume and bigger size of erections which make a male capable lover in bed. These are effective for males of all ages and completely safe. These can be used even by healthy males who want to gain most out of their love-life.

Key Feature

  • These supplements energize entire male reproductive system by increasing testosterone secretion and regulating continuous flow of energy towards male genital region. These enhance nourishment by increasing blood flow and generate cells at faster pace.
  • Males gain healthy and strong nerves which keep semen locked and enhance sensation during intimate moments. These also prevent involuntary loss of semen due to wet dreams or intense arousals during the day.
  • The herbal ingredients of these pills bring healthy hormonal balance and suppress psychological problems. These also keep metabolism and other bodily system healthy and upbeat. The effects of these herbs improve health and performance of organs of the body and improve male’s vitality.
  • Herbal oil provides few amazing benefits. This oil treats small size of erections and increase erection size by few inches. It also brings back to back erections and increase ejaculatory force. Males gain better quality of erections and get rid of problems like penile curvature by using this oil.

Direction of Use

Apply oil for few minutes over male organ till skin absorbs it, take 10 to 15 drops at a time, and repeat once in morning and evening. Similarly consume one or two pills with water after breakfast and dinner on regular basis.

Natural Last Longer Pills For Men
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Plastic Sealed Bottle Pack


1 pack contains 60 capsules and 3 bottles oil (15 ml in each bottle)

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Be ready for numerous long-lasting erections with Masti capsule and King Cobra oil. The natural ingredients will boost your performance and help you go longer and longer.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I hated the fact that sometimes my boyfriend would go soft in the middle of fun, this was so frustrating and it made him feel very ashamed. I bought him Masti capsule and King Cobra oil and it cured all his problems.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Masti capsule and King Cobra oil are wonderful male enhancement products to help reach new levels in bedroom performances.

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