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There are many OTC medicines and powders which are recommended to relieve gas and acid formation or heartburn. But these at best provide temporary relief, and the problem comes back in a short time.

Herbozyme herbal acidity treatment cures heartburn naturally by addressing root causes of the problem and not only relieves discomfort caused by gas and acidity but, after regular use, prevents the problem from occurring.

People with a slow metabolism, food intolerance, drinking less water or consuming spicy, hot, and stale food items are common gas, acidity, and heartburn victims.

People facing issues like indigestion, bloating, constipation or being involved in sitting jobs, lying down immediately after meals, taking medicines or in the habit of smoking, drinking tea, coffee excessively, or staying on an empty stomach for too long are also victims of heartburn.

Herbozyme capsules provide effective and holistic herbal acidity treatment and numerous other benefits.

Herbal Treatment for Acidity

Herbozyme capsules possess herbs that improve enzymatic activities and promote faster digestion of complex food items like protein, fat, and carbs.

These also possess herbs that make stools softer and bulkier so that these pass out easily.

This herbal acidity treatment suppresses toxin activities and flushes them out of the system by maintaining proper and regular bowel movements.

It removes harmful bacteria in the guts and cleanses the colon to cure constipation and indigestion, which are major causes of frequent gas and acid formation.

People suffering from food intolerances also gain relief from problems by gaining a clean digestive tract and colon.

Medication, contaminated food and water, and other kinds of drinks also raise toxicity in the digestive system, which causes severe heartburn.

Herbozyme capsules provide holistic herbal treatment for indigestion and gas by eliminating toxins from the system and increasing the activities of enzymes and digestive organs.

It nullifies excessive acid in the stomach due to spicy and acidic food items and allows food to pass quickly with releasing much gas and acid during digestion.

People gain healthy hunger patterns, healthy digestion, and relief from flatulence, constipation, and lack of appetite by using these pills.

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Key Features

  • Nullify and eliminate excess acid present in the stomach.
  • Allow gas to pass and treat heartburn in a short duration.
  • Improves metabolism and regulates proper bowel movements to cure issues related to digestion.
  • Regulate eating patterns and increase appetite.
  • Provide faster fat and protein metabolism and cure food intolerance.
  • Work for elderly individuals suffering from poor metabolism due to aging.
  • Protect from side effects of medicines, inactivity, and consumption of tea, coffee, etc.

Direction of Use

These are simple and convenient to use. Consume one or two pills to treat heartburn and later regularly once in the morning and evening after meals.

Drink plenty of water during the day and avoid alcohol, smoking tea, coffee beverages, etc.


200 capsules


Blister pack, 4 boxes of 50 capsules


Ayurved Research Foundation


Hing, Sat Podina, Ajwain, Podina, Madhur Char

9 reviews for Herbal Acidity Treatment

  1. Daniel

    I was suffering from acidity for the last eight months. I tried many medicines, but none of them work. Then after my colleague’s suggestion, I tried Herbozyme.

    I am happy as it worked perfectly, and in addition to solving my acidity problem, it also relieved my heartburn and indigestion problems.

  2. Manjula Goswami

    My mother was suffering from digestive problems like constipation, acidity, and flatulence.

    I bought Herbozyme capsules for her. She used these pills for three months and got relief from all her digestive problems. Now she feels good.

  3. Ana

    It works like a charm. I have digestive issues, but these supplements work better than any other I have taken, and my body feels thankful.

  4. Rogerr

    My love for spicy food always led me to suffer from acidity and heartburn. Then one day, I came to know about Herbozyme capsules from my aunt.

    The use of Herbozyme allowed me to indulge in the acidic foods I love and not suffer through the pain later. It works amazingly for acidity problems.

  5. Michelle

    My boyfriend tried these herbal capsules. He says that no pills worked for him as well as regular intake of Herbozyme did. He gets immediate relief from stomach aches.

  6. Dylan

    I have been using Herbozyme for two months now, and it prevents heartburn and stomach pain even after eating a heavy meal.

  7. Theron Willson

    My eating timings were irregular. Most of the days, I would be empty stomach till lunchtime. It raised problems, and I was constantly feeling a burning sensation in my food pipe after having my lunch.

    It felt like acid clearly, coming up, spoiling the taste of my mouth, and going down. It would take hours before getting relieved.

    This supplement, in few weeks, resolved this problem, and now I am hungry in the morning and cannot leave home without eating. Things are normal now. Thanks to Herbozyme.

  8. Sebastian

    I am 60 years old and take many pills to stay healthy. My physical activity is average. In the last couple of years, I was affected by digestive disorders.

    Eating a complete diet was nearly impossible due to bloating, indigestion and constipation. I tried different things, but nothing worked.

    Finally, these supplements came to my rescue, and now I am at least unbothered in my digestion.

    These digestive aid pills corrected indigestion, constipation, and bloating in few weeks and have made my system a lot better. Wonderful supplement.

  9. Kone Daniel

    Even if I eat spicy or heavy food at times for a change of taste, my digestive system can handle it easily.

    A few months back, little change in my eating pattern or food selection would give me flatulence and a heavy stomach.

    Herbozyme has improved enzymatic activities and promoted the release of digestive fluids to make my digestive system stronger and efficient.

    Now it does not slows down to cause problems but digests even complex food items quickly. Amazing supplements.

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