Discover the ultimate combination of strength and pleasure with the extraordinary synergy of Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra oil.

Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra oil are remarkable herbal supplements designed to address weaknesses, rejuvenate reproductive organs, and unlock your potential in the bedroom.

Harnessing the power of nature, the herbs in Maha Rasayan capsules work tirelessly to eliminate weaknesses that hinder your performance, allowing you to exude confidence and vitality.

Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the newfound stamina and endurance that will take your bedroom experiences to unprecedented levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

Complementing the effects of Maha Rasayan capsules, King Cobra oil further enhances your performance by providing deep and invigorating nourishment to your reproductive organs.

This potent oil penetrates deeply, revitalizing and strengthening the essential components responsible for maintaining a firm and lasting erection. Feel the surge of energy as you effortlessly satisfy your partner and create unforgettable moments of intimacy.

What sets Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra oil apart is their commitment to your long-term well-being. Crafted with a meticulous selection of natural herbs, these herbal supplements ensure a safe and sustainable solution.

Rest assured; there are no compromises when it comes to your health and satisfaction. Experience the power of nature without the worries of harmful side effects.

Unleash your true potential and embrace a fulfilling and vibrant intimate life with Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra oil.

Elevate your performance, enhance your pleasure, and revel in the confidence of being at the peak of your abilities. It’s time to rewrite the rules of pleasure and create a legacy of unforgettable moments. Your journey towards greater satisfaction starts here.

Direction of Use

Take 10 to 15 drops of King Cobra oil on your palms. Slide your hands a few times from the base to the tip of the organ with gentle pressure till oils get absorbed into the skin. Repeat twice a day. Consume one or two pills after dinner and breakfast regularly.


Ayush Remedies


Plastic Sealed Bottle Pack, one bottle of 60 capsules Maha Rasyan and 3 bottles of Cobra Oil each of 15 ml


60 capsules per pack and 15 ml per bottle

4 reviews for Maha Rasayan Capsules and King Cobra Oil

  1. Sam Dsouza

    Due to weak erection I couldn’t satisfy her. I was so upset with this problem. I started using Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra oil. They helped me to stay longer. Thanks!

  2. Jack

    It’s amazing. It works on my ED issue. I’ve started using Maha Rasayan capsule and King Cobra oil and it produces outstanding results.

  3. Sheldon

    Maha Rasayan capsule and King Cobra oil combination product is magic. I am using these for last 2 months and I am having mad sex with my wife. I’m 40 years old and from last 3 years, I had ED problem. Its resolved from this combo pack and the order was also easy to place.

  4. howard

    Very good product! It is effective without any side effects. Good experience!

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