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Iron is abundantly available on earth yet its deficiency in human body is one of the common health conditions. Strictly veggie people are at high risk of becoming iron deficient as body absorbs iron from veggie food sources slowly. Women in their fertile age are also prone to suffer with iron deficiency. Poor diet and slow metabolism are other issues which cause scarcity of iron and raise threat to health. Feroplex capsules are supplements for herbal iron deficiency treatment.

These pills possess herbs which are sources of iron in bioactive form. Bioavailable iron gets absorbed in the tissues and organs easily and removes deficiency. Excessive iron supplementation can be harmful to health. Best part of herbal iron deficiency treatment is that it supplements iron in the quantity which is just appropriate does not cause over accumulation in the body. Feroplex capsules also ensure that body is able to utilize iron in best possible manner and maintains its level in future.

Herbal Treatment for Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is source of many debilitating disorders. It can reduce number of RBCs in blood which causes low hemoglobin. Problem of low hemoglobin reduces supply of oxygen and nutrition to cells and brings general debility. Lack of iron is debilitating for all the organs and reduces their endurance, it also causes bone marrow issues and lowers production of RBC and raises brittleness in bones. All these can be severely hazardous conditions for health.

Feroplex capsules are most effective herbal treatment to increase iron level in body. The herbs present in these supplements also eradicate problems related to digestive system which prevent body from obtaining this mineral from diet. Men and women of all ages gain complete riddance from the problem for long term by using natural iron supplements. These are also recommended to cure anemia, shortness of breath, poor vitality and other health conditions caused by iron deficiency.

Key Features

  • Remove iron deficiency in a short time.
  • Supplement bioactive iron in appropriate quantity to fulfil requirements of the body.
  • Does not cause any side effects due to overt iron supplementation.
  • Improve metabolism and allow body to gain iron from food sources regularly.
  • Cure problems related to low iron level like anemia.
  • Safe for men and women of all ages.
  • Cure menstrual problems in women due to low iron levels.


Ferrum (Lauh Bhasma), Ferri Peroxidum (Mandur Bhasma), Ferri Sulphas (Kasis Bhasma), Purified Sugar Candy (Mishri)

Direction of Use

Consume one or two pills of Feroplex capsules every day after breakfast and dinner. Eat foods which are high in iron like green vegetables regularly with diet. Maintain active lifestyle for faster metabolism.


Ayurved Research Foundation


Blister pack, 4 boxes of 50 capsules


200 capsules

8 reviews for Herbal Iron Deficiency Treatment

  1. Nicole Angel

    Due to low iron levels I was lacking activeness and used to feel sleepy and dizzy all time. I tried Feroplex capsules. These capsules lowered iron deficiency. I take these capsules daily for faster improvement.

  2. Mark Reid

    Second time ordering! Best iron supplements I have tried. I have always suffered from anemia and always felt tired to study. But while taking this I have more energy, it doesn’t make me constipated and you feel the difference in about a week taking it daily.

  3. Amar

    Feroplex capsules do not upset my stomach and do not give any other side-effects that regular iron supplements can do. Best product for iron deficiency!!

  4. Jonny Jackson

    I get this for my daughter who needs extra iron. We love this product. It does not hurt her belly like other products do. We will continue to purchase this.

  5. Abdalah

    Lack of iron was making my menstrual cycle irregular. I was bleeding less during cycle and facing spotting and untimely periods. My legs were shivering most of the time and focus was completely lost. Use of this supplement gave me surprising results. In a month I was energetic and my memory, focus and alertness level was high. In last three months I have gained healthy menstruation and no mid-cycle spotting or untimely period. These have improved my stamina and strength and have made me lot active.

  6. Wang

    Blood is harbinger of energy and oxygen for bodily cells and organs. My RBC count was low and my cells were not getting enough to survive and regenerate. This was reflecting over my energy, strength and even my looks. This supplement delivers much more than you can expect. In few months my energy was high and upbeat and even my skin and hair health improved. Now I am much healthier and stronger and lead a pleasurable life. These are simply best as there are not even mild side effects.

  7. Shady Khaled

    Iron is abundantly available in universe yet female body is prone to suffer with iron-deficiency. In my case my heavily flowing periods were mainly responsible for causing the problem. Use of Feroplex capsules revived me from weakness and chronic fatigue that were interfering with my personal life and daily routine. These not only fulfilled iron needs of the body without any side effects but have also made my system efficient to absorb iron from food sources. Practically resolved the problem for long term. Wonderful!

  8. Solomon McFayle

    At age of 60 even daily activities become problematic. These supplements have made my life lot smooth and trouble-free. My energy and stamina is higher and I am mentally calmer and relaxed. My memory and concentration have given me much relief from day to day problems arising due to forgetfulness. I go out every evening to meet people of my age in park and stay mentally positive and hopeful. Really very effective and safe supplements in last four months of use I have not faced a single side effect.

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